Inherent Security Vulnerabilities of Computing Systems and Potential Solutions

When talking about protection systems in general, it is important to stress that there exist inherent vulnerabilities in today’s computing systems, inherited from the first days of computing.

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Effective Information Security Governance

Information security governance is a critical facet of overall corporate governance. It must be an integral and transparent part of enterprise governance. It consists of the leadership, organizational structures and processes that protect vital information for successful business. Information security governance must provide a level of assurance to senior management that critical decisions are not based on faulty information. It also has to protect the organization’s reputation and improve trust in customer relationships. It is providing a firm foundation for effective risk management, process improvement, fast and successful incident response, and business continuity management.

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The actual cost of insecure software

Legislation is often helpless in terms of insecure software. The whole process of exploiting vulnerabilities in the software can be carried very far from the place where the vulnerable software resides, even from another continent. The only thing left to the law keepers is to expect a mistake in the actions of hackers, but it is often difficult to find a legal basis for prosecution, and fines are disproportionately small in regard to opportunities of exploiting weaknesses in software.

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Security of Information Systems and Transactions

In the modern business, organizations depend on the use of information. In order to achieve business goals it is essential to have accurate, complete and timely information. Modern information technology support and improve business processes to better achieve business goals and achieve competitive advantage.
Information systems are key factors in the operations of each organization. The use of information systems in business is the foundation for the development of new products and services and thus affects the formation of competitive advantage. The information system is, in essence, interaction between information technology, data, data processing procedures, and people who collect and use information.

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Software Security Risks - Part 1

The present time is characterized by innovation as an element of the new economy. In software production, innovation is an important engine of growth. However, the need that new versions of software are rapidly replacing the old versions brings security concerns.

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