Re-thinking Business Architecture to Fit Today’s Contex — Introduction

In today’s economy with budgets shrinking around the world (for example, Ontario Public Service [OPS], UK Police [Gohring], and USA Military Aerospace [Keller], and technology in general [Strohm]), it seems that everyone has to produce more for less, or face gloomy predictions. How does Business Architecture help?

Looking at the LinkedIn discussion that was triggered by my question—“What is the future of Business Architecture?” —12 readers who responded directly to my question believed that there is a future for Business Architecture, but anticipated some kind of transformation of Business Architecture activities. This series of short articles on Business Architecture is a work-in-progress, and an update of my research on the topic conducted in late 1990/early 2000. The purpose of this research is to discuss new and future trends in Business Architecture, and particularly, how Business Architecture has to transform to add value in the current context.

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Why is Business Architecture important?

Business Architecture is a model of the real-world that is relevant for an IT endeavor—it contains the domain of discourse relevant for the Enterprise Architecture and Solution Development. Therefore, Business Architecture cannot be either stand-alone and disconnected from the context, or considered merely a transition phase from Requirements to Logical Architecture and Physical Architecture.

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